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Our Clients

With our technical expertise spanning across telecommunications, water and energy, we are able to serve many different types of clients across many markets. Generally, we serve clients who are Governments (including utilities), mines, manufacturers, telecommunication network providers, power producers and distributors, lenders and investors. However, we are excited to work with clients from any sector who can benefit from our areas of technical expertise.

While our core focus and technical expertise lies within Africa, the diverse backgrounds and international experience of our team make it easy to do business with clients from anywhere in the world.

These are our core client groups:

Service delivery is a major challenge facing Government institutions in Africa. In rural areas, small towns, and major cities the provision of basic infrastructure services such as ICT / telecommunications, water, and energy are a crucial foundation for economic development and quality of life.

OEG assists local, provincial and national Government departments and enterprises in Africa to improve service delivery and revenue generation through planning and development of new infrastructure and optimisation of existing infrastructure. Our goal is to support development and implementation of bankable projects which will improve the self-sufficiency and sustainability of African Governments.

Mining companies face growing water and energy risks stemming from operations, regulations, reputation and investor expectations. Compliance with new, more rigorous environmental legislation and lender requirements is causing mining companies to evaluate water and energy differently.

We support mines by providing innovative solutions to problems such as limited water supply or water scarcity, unreliable water and electricity supplies, severe tariff and penalty escalation on water and electricity consumption, inefficient use of available water and energy resources, and reduction of carbon emissions.

Manufacturing is often seen as a pathway to greater economic growth, as reflected in the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular Goals 9 and 12. However, the production and trade of manufactured goods also causes pollution from emissions of heavy metals, dyes, bleaching agents, and other pollutants that directly affect the quality of air, water and land, also while consuming large amounts of energy, which often contributes to significant carbon emissions.

We aim to assist manufacturing companies with integrated water and energy management plans for sustainable growth and a safe, profitable and socially responsible business, while developing long-term resources. With the scarcity of water, water discharge penalties, and increasing electricity tariffs from Government utilities, there is a genuine need to implement an integrated water and energy management plan that addresses these issues through water reuse, resource and process optimisation, costs, carbon emissions, environmental sustainability and overall business sustainability.

Imagine a future where smarter cities, smarter buildings, a plethora of connected devices and more intelligent ways of living and conducting business are the norm. These scenarios are already a reality and OEG is equipped to put you in the driving seat and help you lead the way in shaping this future. The data and telecommunication landscape changes rapidly, and skilful, strategic and careful planning is needed to make decisions today that will improve the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of data and telecommunication services in future.

OEG’s multi-disciplinary expertise, extensive knowledge, innovation and digital engineering approach constitute guiding forces behind projects that aim to solve complex problems that businesses face and will continue to face in future. Working closely with you, we aim to pursue new ideas and generate new knowledge that can profoundly impact the digital landscape, our environment and the communities in which we operate. From the smallest technological advance to seamless 5G integrations, we aim to partner with you to generate new ideas.

Given the ever-improving cost and performance of power generation and energy storage technologies, and gradual liberalisation of electricity markets in Africa, more private power companies are entering this previously monopolised sector to improve infrastructure and generate sustainable business.

The private power sector companies that are taking on this new challenge include independent power producers, private electricity distribution and trading companies, electricity metering and aggregating companies, fin-tech companies and power pools, such as Southern African Power Pool, East Africa Power Pool and West Africa Power Pool.

OEG has a deep understanding of the complexities of developing these (often large) power generation, transmission, distribution, trading and metering projects in Africa, and provides technical and advisory services to private sector companies who are operating in this space.

As well as governments, lenders and investors provide the capital necessary to make infrastructure projects a reality. Lenders and investors must have an intimate understanding of the risks involved with any investment or loan. Given the relatively higher risk of doing business in developing regions such as Africa, a sound understanding of project risks is even more important.

OEG has a deep understanding of the technical risks associated with infrastructure projects in Africa. Our team of technical experts has provided technical due diligence services to many lenders and investors across a broad range of projects, at different stages of development and across different jurisdictions in Africa. We often work with our environmental, financial and legal partners to provide a full view of project risks to lenders and investors prior to their investment decisions.